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Top Cupcake Shop in Idukki Township

Rubles Cakes is the best cupcake shop in the local area and the surrounding areas. You’ll never be able to find as many delectable flavours of cakes and supreme icings under one roof. All of our sweet treats are made fresh daily, guaranteeing you goods that just melt in your mouth. Our customer service is outstanding, and we cater to larger parties who want a divine taste alternative to ordinary cakes and pies. If you would like to know more, feel free to contact us through our booking form.

Party Functions

Are you planning a party, wedding cake, or birthday surprise? Why not try one or more of our elegant and beautifully decorated cupcake spreads? Why settle on one flavour when you can deliver multiple flavour choices for you and your guests to enjoy. A wonderful, alternative to traditional cakes and desserts, our cupcakes will delight your tasting senses. You can trust us to bright you a bevy of new flavour memories, each one more tasteful and delicious than the last.

Nothing but Quality

Every single person that decides to spend their hard-earned money with us deserves nothing but delicious and top quality fuljar shoda. To make sure that this is always the case, we only buy our fuljar shoda reputable suppliers. With us, high quality and service with a smile are two things you are always guaranteed.


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